Sometimes I see different persons in myself. In the way I walk, funny gestures, movement of my head. I can hear myself saying what somebody else said, the tone of voice becomes like my mother’s, I say jokes the way my brother does, and I make faces like the old friend of mine I didn’t even like so much. I am trying to throw them away in the fear of loosing myself..

(From the diary of Anna, 1929 created to give sense of melancholy or..)

I am extremely bored with the word feminine, femininity. I am bored with feminine approach. I am even more bored with other gender issues: men or women, gay or not. I am a bit worried when I see another women doing another feminine performance, especially with singing. Or just another singing performance in a dance field.

And still I am thinking about different women passing through my body. Dancing with the spirits. Many of them are coming from the past. They are very feminine. Some of them look like characters from Cindy Sherman’s photos: women from the movies, captured in action. Atmosphere, attributes, their look, are creating their identity. Many of them are coming from the cabaret. And they are all singing.

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