It was a beautiful day. The Sun was shining, children were running, the sun went down. The day was over.

After a while another they begun, the sun was shining, children were playing, everybody had a lot of fun.

The day passed, the night passed. People were waking up, openning their eyes, looking around, feeling happy. Everyday they were starting from being very happy and sharing the feeling of happiness between each other. They were sharing the happiness by exposing their smiles, playing football, dancing and singing.

One day, as usual everybody woke up in the same time, they opened their eyes, they felt very happy, the Sun didn’t rise up. It was a big surprise.


they gathered, in one place, in a darkness, in the absolute silence for the group mourning. Fortunately there were seniors between them who still remembered the old practice of lamentation, given from grandparents to grandchilds for a long time, but recently being almost all forgotten.

It started as combination of steps counted on four, back front, back front,  baack baack silence. Step step, step step, steep steep (…).

Everybody was in the practice.

I see a bird, a white bird on the blue sky, everybody was hoping, hopping, jumping, back front, back front, baack baack (…)

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