I was watching a bird I thought I could fly is a piece for one dancer and musicians. The structure of the performance is inspired by form of a musical. It is one act of a musical, or just one number, one song, played by one dancer – solo musical. The spectacular aspect of musical: its complexity of dance, music, costume, decor etc. is stretched in time. One musical number – instead of being played all in the same time to overhelm the audience – is deconstructed into smaller pieces and performed one after the other.

I was watching a bird.. is constructed on the continuous time line, the time line of the narration, the time line of the fairytale. The story has its beginning, middle and end. It never stops, the dance-story is being continued in its constant transformation. The audience doesn’t have to read what the story is about. They just witness how the story happens, how it lives through playing dance forms of the piece in its slight variations of timing, weight, balance, being in form and on the border of it, being captured by the form and trying to go out or explode the form from inside. Piece is thought as a travel for the eye, where no meanings can be fixed. The eye of the audience is witnessing in the same time the transformations of the forms and the struggle of the performer between fullfilling the forms and destroying them.

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